YMCA 360 Questions:

What is YMCA 360?

YMCA 360 is an on-demand video platform for our Y community. We’re bringing you group exercise classes, youth sports classes, wellbeing classes and more to serve you wherever you are. Whether you are at home or on the road, take the Y with you with your favorite classes, instructors and more.

Who can access YMCA 360?

YMCA 360 is an on-demand platform that is open and accessible to all.

Do you need to be a member to access YMCA 360?

At this time, you do not need to be a member to access YMCA 360. This is a place for all to gather and stay healthy. 

How do I access YMCA 360?

From your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, click on the Browse Videos tab at the top of this page. YMCA 360 is available wherever you are with an internet connection. 

How can I share YMCA 360 with my family, friends, coworkers, favorite llamas, etc?

Feel free to share the website with your family and friends on social media, via email, etc. Use the hashtag #ymca360 to share the word with others.

Why should I choose YMCA 360 over another on-demand platform?

YMCA 360 brings you the community of being at a YMCA from wherever you are. Your favorite classes, instructors and more come to your living room, on your time and schedule. The Y is here to serve you 24/7, 365 with YMCA 360.

What does YMCA 360 cost?

YMCA 360 does not have a cost - it is a free service we are providing our members to serve them at this time.

How long will YMCA 360 be free?

At this time, there is not an end date for free access to YMCA 360. Any updates to this policy will be added to the website with advance notice.

Does using YMCA 360 count for my health insurance reimbursement?

At this moment, YMCA 360 does not count for your health insurance reimbursement.


YMCA 360 My Account Questions:

Why can't I play videos without an account anymore?

We have created an account function for YMCA 360 so that we can add future iterations for you to personalize your YMCA 360 experience, as well as receive communications from YMCA 360 about new videos and content directly to your inbox.

Why haven't I receive my YMCA 360 create an account email?

If you haven’t received your YMCA 360 create an account email, please check your spam folder (sometimes emails get stuck in there). Moving forward, please add noreply@mail.ymca360.org to your contact list so that you don’t experience any issues receiving our emails.

Why haven't I receive my YMCA 360 set-up or reset password email?

If you haven’t received your YMCA 360 set-up or reset password email, please check your spam folder (sometimes emails get stuck in there). Moving forward, please add noreply@mail.ymca360.org to your contact list so that you do not experience any issues receiving our emails. 

How do I change my account information?

Once you are logged into your account, you will see the header show the name you created the account with at the top of the webpage. Click on your name to be taken to your account – you will be able to update your name, password, and email settings on this page. 

What does YMCA 360 do with my contact information?

YMCA 360 will not sell your contact information to any third party and will only use your contact information to reach out about account. If you choose to opt into marketing emails, we will send occasional emails about YMCA 360. You can choose to opt-out at any time in your account.


YMCA 360 Technology Questions:

What devices does YMCA 360 work on?

YMCA 360 works on whatever devices you have connected to a strong internet connection.

Does YMCA 360 work on desktop and mobile?

Yes, YMCA 360 works on desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection.

What about iPhone, iPad, Android devices?

YMCA 360 has been tested and works across devices - no matter your device, YMCA 360 delivers high-quality content to you wherever you are.

Who hosts the YMCA 360 videos?

Our videos are hosted via Wistia, ensuring optimal access.

The video player isn’t working for me. Help!

Please visit Wistia’s troubleshooting page for options to troubleshoot: https://wistia.com/support/troubleshooting/playback-troubleshooting

I saw a message about casting YMCA 360. What does casting mean?

Casting means that you can send YMCA 360 content from your phone, iPad or tablet to your TV.

How is YMCA 360 keeping my data safe?

The Y is always concerned about your safety, both in-person and online. To view our full privacy policy please join us on our privacy policy page.


YMCA 360 Class Questions:

I don’t see my favorite Y classes here. When will they be added?

We will continue to add classes as they come available. If you have specific requests, please send us a message on our feedback form.

What do I need for the classes?

Each class is unique! We’d recommend that you watch the beginning of the video you want to explore to determine what equipment is needed for that class.

What if I don’t have home gym equipment?

There are many classes that don’t need any equipment at all. We encourage you to explore the classes to see what ones will work for you and the equipment you have at home.

For small weights, try using home goods such as canned goods.

Remember, getting up and moving is what matters most, along with having fun. Get your heart rate up and don’t stress if you aren’t lifting your normal weight. 

What classes are available without equipment?

There are over 60+ classes available on YMCA 360 with more being added. We encourage you to explore and find the classes that work for you - both in terms of interest and equipment. 

Why are the classes shorter than my normal Y classes?

The classes are offered in a variety of timeframes to work for your schedule and lifestyle. Each class offers a great workout. If you are looking for a longer workout, try stringing together some of the workouts. For example, you could start with a weight training workout and end with a yoga workout!

What if I cannot do some of the exercises?

Please modify each class to exercise levels that work best for you. That may mean limiting the number of sets or reps or skipping some of the exercises altogether. Do not worry if you cannot do something - you can always try and work up to it when you have built up strength, experience or confidence!

How do I make a recommendation or provide feedback for YMCA 360?

We value your feedback and recommendations - please join us on our contact us form.

What’s the Y’s health and safety policy?

Your health and safety is our top policy. Please see our full listing of our health and safety policy here.